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Add Pendo Audit Limited is a professional Chartered Certified Accountants and Business Advisory firm set up by a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Add Pendo Audit Limited provides audit, tax compliance, accounting and advisory services. We believe in being passionate and committed in providing quality services to help clients achieve their business objectives and to advise them in their best interest. Because we know that each business is different, its people are unique and its requirements change, we have structured our services and support in such a way that we can meet your needs now and as you grow and change. For us, it’s personal.

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Our firm is being run by a team of young executives with ample professional training in big-four international accounting firms. The key executives have strong academic background, in-depth professional knowledge, hands-on commercial experience and international exposures and insights.

Committed as a reliable and trustworthy team, we maintain a team of people of high professional standards, personal caliber, strong professional ethics and integrity. People are our core assets and our goodwill is built on the quality of our professional team. We aim not only to deliver quality services on-time, but also maintain strong ethics and integrity, and keeping our clients information strictly private and confidential.


We are in constant search for business partners (associates) in various places around the world for the purpose of assisting our clients in maximising their wealth in return for remuneration or any other form of co-operation which can be discussed and agreed upon.
Our associates include amongst others;
- international tax consultants
- lawyers
- accountants
- bankers
- business and management consultants
- company and trust formation agents
- investment management firms

Would you like to join our associate group? Contact us at your convenience to discuss potential co-operation between our firms.


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